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Using minimal to no weight, this fitness class is steeped in physiotherapy methodology. Designed to tone and sculpt the entire body, in a safe and effective way using slow controlled, micromovements. An all-inclusive full body workout for ALL bodies and all experience levels. You will sweat, shake and burn in all the right places, while keeping your low back, neck and knees in safe alignment.



Class begins with a brief full body stretch, followed by a variety of warm up exercises. The first half of the class is composed of 3 exercise sets using dumbbells. The second half of the class is composed of 3 exercise sets using Olympic barbells and plates. Both sections of the class are aimed towards strengthening our main muscle groups, as well as building muscle and increasing overall strength and power. The final section is made up of an intense superset to finish the class and ensure our muscles are on fire. Together we will focus on stability, safe and effective form, proper body mechanics, and increasing weight when appropriate.



We combine elements of strength training, cardio, and pilates into a 60 min class. Using weights and resistance bands to amp up the intensity, we’ll focus on controlled movements to intensify contraction and expansion of your muscles. A total body workout that hits every major muscle group. We follow with a guided cool down with gentle stretching. This class is suitable for all abilities and will be encouraged to make it your own. Come sweat and tone with us!



A strong emphasis on stretching and mobility, this slower paced class allows plenty of time for relaxation. Create a relaxed mind, mobile body and calmed nervous system using less intense postures held for a longer period of time. Improve your body awareness and range of motion with low impact.



Moving seamlessly from one pose to another, focusing on the connection between movement, breath, and mind. This continuous flow of movement allows for the build up of strength, mobility and stamina while focusing on the present moment of the experience. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to pace themselves.



A practice that holds postures for an extended amount of time to address the areas of tension on a deeper level. Yin yoga calms and balances the body and mind. It reduces stress and anxiety. This style of yoga increases circulation, improves flexibility, releases fascia, improves joint mobility and balances the internal organs. Enjoy a slow paced, low energy class.



HIIT is an interval training exercise designed to increase the heart rate and burn fat, while strengthening your muscle groups and cardiovascular system. HIIT incorporates several rounds of high intensity movements followed by short periods of lower intensity movements. HIIT is a great way to get a fast sweat on and really feel the effects of total body movement.



A fun and effective dance fitness class that provides a total body workout combining all elements of fitness- cardio, boosted energy and the feeling of awesomeness each time you leave class. Zumba classes are for everyone! They can be modified to suit you and your mobility needs. No experience is necessary to have fun and get fit at the same time.

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