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Your Aerial Class is designed around a silk hammock suspend from the ceiling to support your body weight. This allows you to achieve deep stretches, as well as other yoga and fitness positions in a more relaxing way. The silk hammock relieves pressure from your joints, allowing further access and tension relief. Developing an Aerial Practice is a great way to increase balance and body awareness. The silks also offer therapeutic component, as the compression of the silk holds a unique ability to induce a relaxation response by releasing respiratory constriction. It provides a somatic experience of being supported, rocked and cradled that build a sense of trust in your body, relationship and environment. 

While all Aerial Classes are beginner friendly, if you have experienced glaucoma, heart disease, propensity to vertigo, very high or low blood pressure, recent concussion, head injury, herniated discs, osteoporosis, sinusitis, recent experience of a stroke and epilepsy please get in touch with Kate to discuss further.



Aerial Flow classes are very much beginner friendly. Whether you are brand new to yoga, or an advanced yogi - there is a space for you in these classes. In your Aerial Flow class you will find a sequence based off of traditional yoga postures, philosophies and breath work followed by the most relaxing cocooned savasana.


Slow Flow moves at a more gentle pace so each individual can get comfortable with their silk. You will create strength and stability without feeling rushed. There is lots of opportunity for deep stretch. This class is for the person intrigued by silks but wanting to take their time.


Aerial Fit is a high energy class that builds both strength and flexibility, all while defying gravity. Don’t be fooled, this class is also cardio intensive. We complete our workout with a cool down and stretch so you leave your class with a total reset.



A fun, age appropriate class for kids to improve balance, mobility and body awareness. A program rooted in mindfulness and play.


How often do you drop your child off at an acitivity and go? Mom + Me Aerial is a fun way to get in that quality time, while learning new things and playing. Laughs guaranteed.


Would you like to book a private Aerial class? Great for a group of friends, work place team building, or children's birthday parties. Private Group pricing can be found on our rates page.

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