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Owner | Instructor

I see movement as a way of life. I found yoga in my mid twenties, using it as an escape from reality. After many years of learning and growing with my practice, as well as furthering my education in other modalities of movement, I now use these methods to enhance every day life. I'm very passionate about the journey of self care and know it looks different in all bodies. I'm here to walk with you on whichever path you might be called to take.




For me, movement is necessity. An essential. For body and for soul. From very early on, I was encouraged to participate in any physical activity my mind could conjure up. As I grew, I found a love for dance and being in the gym. Yoga found its way to me, in my  early 20s, as a way to heal from the various injuries I’d sustained throughout my life. I have since allowed this passion to take hold, and now years and countless hours of education later, I get to live this passion everyday.  With my humble beginnings teaching in community halls, it is a wonderful privilege to be teaching at The Union! I am so happy you have found your way here, and I cannot wait to see you in class!




Exercise became a priority in my life when I was seventeen, I slowly began my fitness journey and ended up falling in love with intentional movement and weightlifting. During my education in healthcare, the importance of fitness and an active lifestyle grew into more than just an interest or passion. My career in nursing helped me recognize the value of leading a healthy lifestyle and the positive impact exercise has on overall health, wellbeing, and quality of life. My goal is to share the fundamentals of fitness, nutrition, and weightlifting with the community in a safe, supportive and effective manner.




I’ve always loved to dance. It feels so good to just feel the music and let loose. I found Zumba 11 years ago, and knew that it was something I needed in my life. It's so much fun that we forget the work out and just move our bodies in easy to follow moves, or just dance to the music. Zumba is for anyone and everyone! Come dance with me - but be careful, it’s super addictive!




I'm Angela, founder of Treat Yourself Wellness, Therapeutic Yoga services that are expertly designed to support an honorable journey of bringing the mindbody back into optimal balance and alignment, using a holistic and ancient therapeutic approach. I look forward to offering you in-person or online group classes, 1:1 or couples private sessions, and through a 6-month online program specifically designed for women over 40 with chronic pain. My goal and intention is to offer support to those who need it in an accessible way.

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